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Sport and Performance psychology is the study of factors that influence your performance and the interventions that can help.


It can benefit any athlete or performer interested in improving their performance.


How Do Meetings Take Place?

Consultations can be individual sessions, team sessions, small or large group workshops.

What Will You Gain with a Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant?

· Understand yourself and what affects you in competition

· Learn to successfully manage emotional and physical intensity/stress

· Improve focus in competition

· Block out distractions and outside stressors.

· Build resiliency to deal with setbacks

· Create mental routines to rehearse, reset and regroup quickly

· Learn and use imagery to reap the benefits of mental practice

· Communicate better with teammates, coaches and parents.

· Create effective goals to build motivation and confidence

· Manage recovery and return from injury

Dr. Davis has worked with athletes of all ages, including NCAA Div I, Div III, and Nationally ranked individuals for over 15 years. Understanding the many issues that competitive athletes face, he is dedicated to assisting athletes in clarifying concerns, developing intervention strategies, and meeting their sport and life goals.


Dr. Davis has worked with athletes from the following sports:

Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Fencing, Bowling, Football, Golf, Tennis, Track and Field, Lacrosse and Field Hockey

Reach out to get started on the road toward making the most of your talent!!


ChristianDavis, Ph.D., LLC


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